Bee workshops

Médiacité has welcomed 200,000 new tenants on its green roof. 

Would you like to learn more about these little pollinators? This is the place to do that!


Find out more about bees with Médiacité!

Committed to sustainable development for several years, Médiacité is setting up a new eco-friendly activity on a central theme: bees.

In early May, no fewer than 200,000 bees took up residence on the centre's roofs. Bees have an important place in the ecosystem. We therefore offer you the opportunity to learn a little more about their world through various activities spread over 3 stands from 26/06 to 10/07.

The workshops are held in the afternoon and are free of charge.

They will be set up at different locations in the shopping centre and will address 3 main topics.

  • Learn about life in a beehive with a real hive. You will observe daily life in a beehive. A real frame, with capped brood, pollen and honey, will be present on the stand as well as a specialist explaining the cycle from larva to bee, the organisation of the hive and the challenges of pollination.
  • Then let yourself be tempted by products from the hive. Honey, Wax, Royal Jelly, Propolis, Pollen... stimulate your 5 senses on this stand and discover how useful they are for the hive. Keep your eyes open and you will notice how the floral origin changes the look and taste of the honey.
  • And finally, learn more about the beekeeper's job by discovering all their tools and their uses. 


Learn while having fun with Médiacité!

With our treasure hunt that will take you from stand to stand and elsewhere in the centre, learn more about bees and find out more about our various sustainable actions. A new and rewarding family activity, with a jar of honey that you can fill yourself, like an experienced beekeeper.

Go to the Info & Services area or to the stands to obtain your entry form.