MédiaKidz – Free cHILDCARE



Children from the age of 4 can let off some steam in our play area on the first floor of Médiacité, free of charge, on :

  • every Saturday from 10AM until 8PM,
  • every Wednesday, school holiday and Sunday Opening from 2PM until 6PM,
  • every Friday from 5PM until 8PM.

Free make-up for children

Our charming grimeuses welcome your children for a free make-up every Saturday from 13:30 until 17:30 (on the first floor). A make-up to suit their mood and their desires…. Do not hesitate to offer this little gift … free!

TrampolineS & Karting


Trampolines and Kartings are on the first floor and cost 5€ for 5 minutes. There are open :

  • every Wednesday from 13:30 until 19:30,
  • every Saturday from 10AM until 8PM,
  • School holiday from 10AM until 8PM,
  • Sunday Opening from 11AM until 7PM.

    Trolley cars for toddlers



    To make the centre even more fun for everyone, we are offering our customers the chance to hire trolley cars by KidyCars. They are safe and practical, and designed for use by toddlers aged 1 to 7. They have a safety belt and a basket to carry shopping.

    The 3 rental points are at level -1 in parking Mozart and Grétry and level -2 in parking Mozart.

    The principle is simple: just insert 2 x 2 euro coins. One covers the service for an unlimited period, the other is a deposit which is returned when you bring the ‘Boobaloo’ back to the rental point. Little ones love them … and grown-ups too!

    Motorized cuddly animals



    These adorable motorized cuddly animals allow children to ride at a speed of 4 km/h, which is exactly the walking speed of the parents when strolling in the shopping centre.

    Please find us on:

    • Wednesday between 1PM and 19:30,
    • Saturday between 10AM and 8PM,
    • School holiday between 10AM and 8PM,
    • Sunday Opening between 11AM and 7PM.

    Choose your favourite animal and here you go (5€ for 8 minutes)!


    A day at Médiacité can also be really enjoyable for children. Our wide concourses and our children’s services, unique of their kind, ensure your visit goes smoothly at all times.

    Baby Corners

    Our baby corners are reserved for babies and their mothers/fathers, and can be found next to the toilets.

    Child Safety

    Being separated, even for a short time, can be distressing for you and your child – especially in a big shopping centre. Médiacité wishes to remedy this situation. A mobile number on a wristband is the simplest and quickest way to help a lost child. Wristbands can be collected from our Information Desk. You can ask our receptionists for further information.