The environnement and Médiacité



Médiacité, sustainable development actor

At the cutting edge of technology, and responding to the challenges of sustainable development (reducing greenhouse gas and carbon dioxide emissions, energy saving, green roofing, etc.)
Médiacité is the first Breeam certified building in Belgium, and the first shopping and leisure centre in Europe to be awarded the “Very Good” mark in the New BREEAM Retail 2008 protocol, which was specifically developed to assess the environmental impact of commercial projects (

This international standard, considered an environmental “must”, notably takes into consideration the environmental imprint of a building throughout its entire lifespan.
After the similarly conceived recent renovation of its headquarters and the Médiacité certification, the Wilhelm & Co Group thus demonstrates its intent to respect the strictest sustainable development norms and standards.




2,778 solar panels

9,000 m² covered with panels for even greener energy!

The project was launched in early 2017! Médiacité's objective: to produce its own green energy. The challenge was considerable, but after more than 2 years of project work and several months of construction, 2,778 solar panels were installed on the roofs of the gallery. 

These panels supply the centre in an environmentally friendly way and reduce CO2 emissions by 309 tonnes per year, the equivalent of 2,490,000 km travelled by a diesel car.

Below is a before/after photo of the Médiacité roof. 

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