Hives & bees at Médiacité

There's something new on the roofs of the centre!

Sustainability is a value that Médiacité and its brands have held dear since the complex was built. After numerous ecological projects such as the installation of solar panels or very selective waste sorting, 4 beehives populated by thousands of bees have recently taken their place on the green roof of the centre.

Each facility is inhabited by as many as 50,000 bees. This means that 200,000 foragers are currently participating in the ecosystem set up at Médiacité. Active within a radius of 3km, the bees will gather pollen from millions of flowers to produce Made In Médiacité honey. By way of an example, 2 million flowers are needed to produce 1kg of honey.

Burbee's beekeepers will be there day to day to take care of the hives and their occupants. You can also rest assured that bees, unlike wasps, are not attracted to sugar!

Workshops at Médiacité

Visit the site from 26/06 to 10/07 to find out about and take part in workshops organised directly by the beekeepers. All the secrets of bees will be revealed to you.

Sustainability on site

To find out more about what Médiacité is doing for the environment, please visit the link below:


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