Ice cream Take Away


Welcome to Galler... the independent chocolaterie

Proudly based in Liège, Galler is a genuine chocolate factory, a group of expert artisans and workers. 

We have been expressing our passion for taste since 1976. Its motto? Taste, joy, freedom. 
Ice cream, filled wafers, milk shakes, hot chocolate, macarons… so many delicious moments to discover at the Chocolat-Bar!

Beyond taste, the chocolaterie is committed to work for a fair and sustainable world and is taking this very seriously! 
One of its commitments? Galler chocolate is made with 100% Fairtrade certified cocoa beans.  By paying a higher price for its primary ingredient, the chocolaterie contributes to improve the living and working conditions of cocoa growers and their families.


Monday 10:00 – 18:30
Tuesday 10:00 – 18:30
Wednesday 10:00 – 18:30
Thursday 10:00 – 18:30
Friday 10:00 – 18:30
Saturday 10:00 – 18:30
Sunday Closed