Wilhelm & Co



Established in 1988, Wilhelm & Co became, with over 700 000 sqm in development, in less than 20 years a major real estate developer active on different European markets. A global operator, the group realises, in partnership with local associations, important multifunctional projects with a focus on retail and leisure and the redevelopment of city centres. Its multidisciplinary teams made up of the best specialists recruited from across Europe allow it to take charge of all aspects of creation, development, financing, construction, marketing and management of urban areas.

After the completion of l’Esplanade in Louvain-la-Neuve (a 300.000 sqm multifunctional development), and Médiacité in Liège (Belgium), Wilhelm & Co is currently developing a multifunctional project of 15 ha including commercial and leisure opportunities as well as office and living space in the heart of the city of La Louvière. Various big projects abroad are being studied and are being developed (Portugal, Italy, France, …).


In 2007, Wilhelm & Co received, for L’Esplanade, the “Restore” award from the ICSC in recognition of the best public-private partnership.
In 2010, Wilhelm & Co was granted 2 awards by the Belgian-Luxembourg Council of Shopping Centers: Médiacité was named the “Best New Shopping Center 2010” and it was granted the “Sustainability” award, for its durable development.